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AmpleNet is a NoCode community powered by SolworxS, to empower Citizen Developers globally.

App Making in Profit Line Engagement (Ample) is a unique methodology of SolworxS to create smart apps or solutions on top of NoCode platforms and the spirit of Hackathon is to motivate the enthusiasts with challenges to solve the problems using NoCode platforms.

The key focus of AmpleNet is to build a community to train citizen developers for democratization of IT solutions across the organizations, Startups, MSMEs, Corporates. The community will help create a platform for the NoCode skill exchange for various pilot projects to small or medium size projects listing, selection and delivery by trained professionals.

Three simple steps to gain from AmpleNet


Join the Tribe

Anyone can join the NoCode community, build a profile and start the NoCode journey with various DIY based programs to get awareness about NoCode/LowCode/Code Optionals.


Master the Skill

One can earn skill level badges by learning NoCode/ LowCode/ Code Optionals with participation in focussed workshops, AmpleChamp, AmpleGo, AmpleCourse, Amplethon and related training events.


Create the Future

Amplers who have mastered the NoCode skills will get a world of opportunities in company run live projects, pilots, project contracts, Jobs and many many more with the power of NoCode.

Two exclusive Online talks shows AmpleTalks & AmpleTales connect the NoCode experts across the world to community members for learning the tips for mastery / success stories in NoCode /LowCode /Code Optionals use cases.

Maximize Power of NoCode,LowCode for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Hybrid Apps, Super Apps.